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Image to Text Converter:

It is an online image to text converts tool that convert image text into editable text format. Developed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), a technology that obtains information from pictures and transforms it into soft copy.

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How does the Image to text tool work?

Based on OCR technology, the image to text tool is developed by machine learning where the device is trained first.

Different patterns of characters are classified into different prototypes. Commonly, an OCR device perform the following functions

  • Input
  • Scanning
  • Location segmentation
  • Feature extraction
  • Training and recognition
  • Output

How to use this Image to text tool?

This tool obtains all types of images to text files. Follow these steps.

  • Drag or upload the image into the specified area.
  • The output will be displayed in a text box.
  • Afterwards you may save it or copy text..

Salient Features:

Low-resolution image extractor:

Our tool extracts even blurry and low-resolution images. Images of books, self-written, and screenshots are dim and cannot be comprehended easily. Yet this tool can get data from such images.

Detect Mathematical syntax:

This photo to text tool contains a wide range of data fed into it through machine learning. You can use it to detect mathematical problems. Arithmetic equations and polynomial expressions are often complex, but our tool identifies them as a human.

Free to use:

This tool is available for everyone. You can extract the text from an image without signup.

Handles multiple languages:

A great feature of this tool is its versatility in understanding numerous languages. You can transform multiple language images into text by using this tool. These languages include English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Indonesian, etc.

Extracts images in all formats:

Using this tool, you can extract images in all formats. For example:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • TIFF

Why use our image to text tool?

Business automation:

Usual paperwork has become an antique thing in business handling. Automated enterprises are leading the business world now.

Particularly, manual paperwork for generating databases is very time-consuming and expensive.

With the use of online OCR, you can streamline all your administrative work. Moreover, it can optimize your machinery by indexing necessary information and retrieving it whenever you want.

Banking sector:

In this age, we say that data is the new oil. It means that by understanding data and manipulating it for our use we can open new horizons. Our picture to text converter helps you to store, link, understand and manipulate data. Moreover, data entered manually are prone to errors. Banks can use OCR to retain their databases of useful but organic information of their clients by just scanning the papers. Moreover, it relieves them from contingencies of hard form data such as fire, forging, and theft.

Health Sector:

The health sector can upgrade its setup by relying on OCR. They can adopt electronic health care records such as insurance, patient’s history, ID cards, etc.

Digitalizing Documents

With this picture to text converter we can convert printed papers into digitalized versions.

Students Notes

With our online image to text converter, we can convert handwritten class notes pictures into text

Newspaper media

The news from newspapers may need to be shared on social media or in WhatsApp groups. This tool can allow you to convert print media to digital format. With this free OCR technology, you can quickly convert images to text.

Available in multi languages

Languages:: 中国人 OCR, Bahasa Indonesia OCR, dansk OCR, Deutsch OCR, English OCR, español OCR, français OCR, italiano OCR, 中国人 OCR, português OCR, română OCR, svenska OCR, čeština OCR, русский OCR, ไทย OCR, 한국어 OCR,


How To Copy Text From an Image

Tools that convert images into the text are called image-to-text converters. It is possible to use tools to copy text from an image. Converters from photos to text are extremely useful in a variety of situations.

How photo to text tools Works?

Photo-to-text converters are online tools that convert a photo into text. It works by analyzing the pixels of the image and then converting them into words. The technology can be used to convert scanned documents into text or digital formats.

Why do We Need to extract text from images?

In the digital world, images play a significant role. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also be used as a means of communication. The issue with images is that search engines cannot index them, and they are not searchable. This means that unless there is a text about a topic when someone searches for it, pictures will not appear in the results. Image-to-text converters are useful in situations like this.

Browser Extensions

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