Text To Word Converter

Text to Word is a free online tool to convert plain text into a professional MS Word file. This tool is used to create well-formatted documents.

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How to Use Text to Word

Text to Word is an easy-to-use online utility. The guide on how to use this tool is explained below.

  1. Insert the text into the tool.
  2. Format it using the available options.
  3. Click on the ‘Submit and Extract’ button to start conversion.
  4. Wait for the processing.
  5. Download the Word file that is generated.

These straightforward and short steps will convert your plain text into a fully processed Doc file.

Features of Text to Word

Some distinguishing features of this tool are given below.

1.    Beginner Oriented

This tool is designed to assist beginners in the best way. Sometimes, the interface of MS Word can be a bit intimidating with all those options available. This tool allows users to get a simplified version of a notepad or writing software with the same output as professional applications.

2.    Multiple Formatting Options

Text to Word strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and feature availability. It provides all the essential formatting options, such as line indenting and text enhancements. This way, it can create professional documents with minimal effort.

3.    Grammar Correction

While users write content in Text to Word, the tool offers grammar correction suggestions. These grammar suggestions reduce the effort required by users to create professional and grammatically accurate documents.

4.    File Uploading Option

Some other notepads like the Windows notepad also have a simple interface, some users might use it instead of Word. The TXT files from these notepads can be converted into Word documents using Text to Word. Users can upload these files and submit them to convert them into Doc files.

5.    Free to Use

Text to Word is available totally for free. Users can enjoy all the facilities without any cost.


1.    Can Text to Word be used on a mobile device?

Yes, the tool is also available on mobile devices. However, there is no application for it. It can be accessed through a web browser.

2.    How do you convert text to Word on Mac?

The process for this is the same as on Windows devices. Just open the tool on your web browser (Safari) and follow the above guide.

3.    Is Text to Word safe?

Yes, user privacy is among our top concerns. We make sure to keep all their data confidential and protected.