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Invert Image is an internet tool that alters an image by reversing its colors. The lighter areas of the image are converted into darker areas, and dark colors are transformed into lighter ones.

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How to Use Invert Image

Invert Image is a simple-to-use utility. You can reverse an image with this tool using these simple steps:

  1. Upload the required image or images.
  2. Click on ‘Submit and Extract.’
  3. Click on ‘Download All.’

After this, you can preview the results from where you saved the image. This whole process takes a few seconds at max. An otherwise time-consuming process is simplified with this free online tool.

Benefits of Invert Image

Our online image-reversing tool is loaded with user-friendly features. Some of these are given below:

1. Free To Use

Image inverter is a free-of-charge online tool. It does not require users to create an account to avail of the full features. All the facilities of the tool are available for free.

2. Streamlined Conversion

As portrayed in the previous how-to section, the process of image inversion is very simplified with this tool. With just a few clicks, users can get their hands on their desired output.

3. Versatile File Support

There are countless image formats nowadays. Our image inverting tool supports a large number of these formats. You don’t have to worry if your image is a PNG or a JIF because all of them are eligible for conversion.

4. Multiple Image Insertion

Image Invert allows users to convert three images into their inverted version per submission. This means that users cannot convert one image at a time. Also, this limit can be increased with the premium package.

5. Ease in Uploading

Uploading images into this tool is extremely convenient. You can utilize 3 different approaches. You can drag and drop an image from your system. Similarly, you can copy and paste an image into the tool. Moreover, if the image is present online, you can use its URL to upload it.


1. How can I invert a photo?

Photo inversion means transforming the colors of an image into their respective opposites. If done manually, this task requires a lot of time and effort. That’s why, you should use an online image inverting tool to invert your photos in seconds.

2. How do you invert an image on iOS or Android?

You can use the same strategy as before to invert an image on a mobile device. Go to your respective web browser, search for Invert Image, and follow the abovementioned steps.

3. What is the purpose of color inversion of an image?

Image inversion is used for various purposes. For example:

  • Forensic reports are inverted to see minor details easily.
  • Medical reports use color inversion to detect tumors.
  • Image inversion is used during graphic designing for aesthetic appeal and to fix minor mistakes.