Text To PDF Converter

Text to PDF is an online file converter that transforms simple text into a PDF file. Using this tool, you can convert your MS Word file or any other file with typed text into a professionally formatted PDF file.

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Interesting Features

Text to PDF has many user-accommodating features that are explained below:

1. Diverse Notepad

The tool allows users to use their notepad to write content and then turn it into a PDF file. This writing pad is loaded with features. For instance:

  • Multiple formatting options.
  • Built-in rephraser and sentence improver.
  • Text enhancement options such as bold, italics, etc.
  • Indenting options

With these essential features, you can create a professional document and then convert it into a PDF.

2. Uploading Option

If you already have the file ready for conversion, you can upload it directly. Just hold the file and drag it into the tool. This will upload the file and make it eligible for conversion.

3. Easy to Use

This tool has reduced the file conversion process to just a simplified series of steps. The streamlined process is there so that every user is able to figure out how to use the tool.

4. Free Usage

Text to PDF converter is free to use. It becomes usable as soon as you reach the tool's webpage. This makes instant conversion possible.

5. Swift Working

The functioning of this text to PDF transformer is remarkable. You get your required PDF file after just a few seconds of processing.


How do I make text into a PDF?

Making your text into PDF is an easy task if online tools are utilized. With these tools, all you have to do is upload your written text and click on the submit button. The result is a PDF file of what you have written.

How do I turn text into PDF using an iPhone?

Converting text into PDF is the same on iPhone as on other devices. To do it, you have to go to Safari, find a converter like ours, and insert your written file. As a result, you will get your required PDF file.

Is Text to PDF available as an application?

Currently, text to PDF is not available as a mobile application. However, you can access it on any web browser. It is fully functional, even on mobile devices.